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Here you can find step-by-step instructions for most of our extension themes or Joomla templates to help you with our product installation, configuration and customization.


Install theme and Active theme.


You should install the EasyDiscuss component before install the MT Minimal theme. You will see a folder with bellow structure.

Download the MT Minimal package theme form our site. Extract to your local.

  • components/com_easydiscuss/ themes/mt_minimal
  • media/com_easydisucss/mt_minimal
  • readme.txt
Step 1Copy or Upload the components folder to root folder of your site.
Step 2Copy or Upload the media folder to root folder of your site.
Step 3Login to the back-end and go to the Components → EasyDiscuss → Settings.
Components - EasyDiscuss - Settings
Step 4Click the Themes menu on sidebar left.
View all themes
Step 5Click to the star icon to make MT Minimal is default theme and back to front-end to view changes.
MT Minimal

02How to customize style.

Customize menu bar color or element color.

Step 1Login to back-end and go to the Components → EasyDiscuss → Settings
Step 2Click to the Custom CSS menu on sidebar left.
Custom Style
Step 3Enter your CSS rules to customize element you want.
Step 4Save and reload your site.

EasyDiscuss Themes