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Photos are always the integral component in graphic design thank to its wonderful functions. By illustrating visually contents of the article, it helps readers understand deeply what you have read and enjoy your reading in the most interesting way. It's no doubt that you will definitely want to save the best & most helpful images for yourself during the reading process. However, not all of the images are free, so you must pay a large amount of money in case you really want to possess the highest-quality ones.

It is fortunate that there are still so many websites offering free images for you to use in designing digital products or illustrating the blog's contents.

In the first blog, we list Top 10+ great websites considered treasures containing a large number of free images. We believe that you’ll be amazed by the diversity of beautiful & functional images.

Notes about License

Almost all websites completely allow you to download and use free images as well as share with your customers by enclosing those images in your products. However, some websites require that you only can use free images for personal purposes without distributing to others, or you need to specify the source of the image when using, etc. Therefore, to make use of these sources effectively, you should read carefully their terms & conditions before using.